The heated debate over the proper way to cook them has been going on for years. Kenyon's Johnny Cake Corn Meal Kenyon’s Grist Mill in South Kingston, Rhode Island has been producing stone-ground cornmeal for traditional New England Johnny cakes since 1886. Join the discussion today. Brown Bear Munch Snack Mix – 1 Lb. Whether it's chowder, clam cakes, split top New England hot dog rolls, clam cake mix, Johnny cake mix, coffee syrup or Del's Lemonade, we have the New England tastes you crave. Not better than Kenyon's, they are both uninspiring. Johnny Cake Corn Meal 1# (1 Pound) Box $6.50 - $56.70. $ 7.99 EA Read more; KimChi Mild Nasoya – 14 Oz. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for KENYON CORN MEAL COMPANY Mix Johnny Cake, 16 OZ at $ 7.99 EA Add to cart; KimChi Mild … Johnny cakes (fried dumplings) a real Jamaican homemade favorite in a quick and easy format! $ 7.99 EA Read more; Kenyons Clam Cake Mix – 1 Lb. quantity. I love that both Tennessee and Rhode Island have a thing for white cornmeal. Quick view Choose Options. Out of stock. Quick view Choose Options. ... 5.0 out of 5 stars The best Johnny Cake mix. The gentleman that runs this one is also extremely pleasant and sociable and provided more history and humor to the mix. Make your clam cakes small and they will take less time to cook and absorb less oil. Kenyon's has made Johnny cake mix for more than 100 years, and is what most Rhode Islander's grew up with. Description ; Additional information ; Reviews (0) Description. Quick view Add to Cart. Johnny Cakes are a mix of white corn with a dash of sugar and salt, combined with milk or water. $20.00. My mom would often make these in her cast iron skillet and used the cornmeal from Kenyon's, of course. Kenyon’s clam cake and fritter mix is available locally at Big Y. (For the record, we did the same with Kenyon's.) Val Parenti / Google . It’s the craziest thing. We also hold a few events at the mill with tours and more. Nowadays Kenyons is politically correct and ground to a lifeless puree; easy to snort. Before and after the footage of the mill and grinding process, watch how Jigger’s Diner makes their Johnny Cakes, using our mix. Recipes included on each package. Add to cart. 2012 Johnny Cake Festival at Kenyon's Grist Mill Dick Donnelly makes some Johnny Cakes. There will be bluegrass music on two stages, a Colonial encampment and … Flint cornmeal is really the best way to go if you're really into jc's. $ 4.99 EA Add to cart; Kenyons Pancake Mix Apple & Spice – 1 Lb. Sugar 1¼ - 1½ cups boiling Water Combine dry ingredients in a bowl. Category: Grocery. You may see us cooking our famous Clam Cakes & Chowder at several community fairs. The history of Johnny Cakes begins at 33:40 (in the video provided in the link above). Johnny Cakes, a mixture of white corn meal with a dash of sugar and salt, combined with liquid and fried on a griddle is not the only use for this meal. I just noticed that Kenyon's is now offering jonnycake meal from white flint corn, too. Kenyons Grist Mill, - Rhode Island Johnny Cake Mix - Home. KENYON CORN MEAL CO. Usquepaugh, Rhode Island 02892 1-800-7KENYON CORN FRITTERS 1 cup drained corn 1 ½ cups water 1 box Kenyon’s Fritter Mix ONION FRITTERS 1 cup chopped onions 1 packet onion soup mix 1 ½ cups water 1 box Kenyon’s Fritter Mix ZUCCHINI FRITTERS Kenyon's signature item! Next time, I’ll try making corn dogs with Rhode Island’s Kenyons Johnny Cake … However, if you're not a Rhode islander, their website has recipes, background information, and mail-order. Kenyons Buttermilk & Honey Pancake Mix – 1 Lb. Flint corn is a colonial-era variety of corn that most people would understand as Indian corn. Cream the cornmeal, salt, and butter together. It provides the most ironic and unexpected continuity in my cooking. Johnny cakes are great as a sub for pancakes at breakfast with butter and maple syrup, but they are also nice served as a savory side. Kenyons Johnny Cake White Corn Meal - 1 Lb. Rhode Island Johnny Cake Corn Meal, Yellow Corn Meal, Red and Blue Corn Meal Related products. Kenyons Baking Pack ... Quick view Add to Cart. Don’t forget our Famous Johnny Cake Corn Meal! RI Johnny Cakes 1 cup Kenyon’s Johnny Cake Corn Meal ½ tsp. Share this product. $ 4.99 EA Add to cart; Kenyons Johnny Cake White Corn Meal – 1 Lb. Old Fashioned Mixes ** Unit Case Stone Ground Corn Meal ** Unit Case Clam Cake & Fritter Mix 1# Box 2# 4.51 48.71 Johnny Cake Corn Meal 1# Box 2# 4.36 47.09 Clam Cake & Fritter Mix 1.5# Bag 2# 6.99 75.49 Johnny Cake Corn Meal 1.5# Bag 2# 5.18 55.94 Clam Cake & Fritter Mix 5# Bag 6# 13.11 52.44 Gradually add boiling Pour boiling water over mixture gradually to make a “ploppy” batter, adding milk if desired to thin to a consistency that will drop off the end of a spoon. $ 4.99 EA Add to cart; Kenyons Pancake Mix Apple & Spice – 1 Lb. Read the ISO Kenyon's Stone Ground Johnny Cake White Corn Meal discussion from the Chowhound Restaurants, Boston food community. Smart move on their part although I'm going to remain loyal to Gray's. Kenyons Buttermilk & Honey Pancake Mix – 1 Lb. However, there is no comparison to Carpenter's. It's also nationally known for its Johnny Cake Meal and Clam Cake Mix. Category: Grocery Tags: JF Mills, JF Mills Johnny Cake Mix, Johnny Cake, Johnny Cake Mix. Kenyons Grist Mill grinds wholesome flours from pure grains, the old-fashioned way. Our most popular products are White Corn Meal (or Johnny Cake Meal), Clam Cake Mix, Pancake Mixes, Corn Bread & Muffin Mix, Brown Bread Mix, as well as a variety of other meals, flours and other mixes. $ 6.29 EA Read more; Kitchen Basics Beef Stock – 32 Oz. $ 4.99 EA Add to cart; Kenyons Johnny Cake White Corn Meal – 1 Lb. We also produce Johnnycake mixes and other quality items for all your baking needs. This isn’t the first time the Rhode Island Commerce Corp. has been accused of ignoring the state’s history. $ 7.99 EA Add to cart; KimChi Mild Nasoya – 14 Oz. They only need to be kept cool and will keep indefinitely in your refrigerator. Kenyons Johnny Cake White Corn Meal – 1 Lb. Salt 1 tsp. $ 4.99 EA Add to cart; Kenyons Johnny Cake White Corn Meal – 1 Lb. This classic 50’s diner, built by the Worcester Dining Car Company, is located in East Greenwich. Still, Kenyon's has a nice range of products (Gray's seems to mill only flint corn) and the Oat & Honey Pancake Mix is out of this world (in fact, it's the best pancake mix I've ever had). dg1041 kenyons clam cake mix 1lb bag 4.99 dg1042 kenyons johnny cake wht corn meal 16oz 4.99 dg1043 kenyons pancake mix apple & spice 16oz 7.99 dg1044 kenyons buttermilk & honey pancake mix 7.99 dg1120 flour all purpose 5 lb 4.49 dg1144 ritz crackers 13.7 oz 4.79 dg1147 townhouse original crackers 13.8 oz keebler 4.79 Kenyon's Clam Cake & Fritter Mix Recipes The trend today is back to natural foods - but the folks at Kenyon's have been milling wholesome, natural flour and mixes for over 100 years. The entire property is absolutely magical, especially in early autumn. Make tasty corn bread, pancakes or use as a breading. Kenyons Clam Cake Mix – 1 Lb. Kenyons Breakfast Pack $28.27. We also purchased a bag of his jonny cake mix. Add the milk and enough water to make a moist but firm batter. $ 4.99 EA Add to cart; Kenyons Pancake Mix Apple & Spice – 1 Lb. Recipe for Johnny Cakes Combine: 1 cup of Kenyon’s Johnny Cake Corn Meal, 1 tea-spoon sugar, and a half teaspoon salt. They have the only product worthy of the jonny cake. $ 7.99 EA Read more; KimChi Mild Nasoya – 14 Oz. $ 4.99 EA. But when you visit, you'll see that there's a lot more to this place than the grist mill and the retail store. salt2 eggs beaten1 1/4 cups … Kenyon's Johnny Cake Festival continues Sunday, Oct. 20, from 10 a.m.-5 p.m. No reason to pay a fortune for Kenyon's anymore. Kenyon's Clam Cake & Fritter Mix 1 Lb. This very popular mix is what we use at various fairs, including the Big E. Make these tasty Kenyon's specialties at home and experience the best clam cakes imaginable!