Though her ethnicity is never made clear, the name Beneš is a common Czech surname, which would fit with her apparently Catholic religious upbringing (Czechs historically being Catholic). The Rabbi proceeds to tell everybody in Elaine's apartment complex and later on his cable TV show about her insecurity. On the other hand, she is seen making the sign of the cross before entering Jerry's apartment to retrieve a manuscript while the apartment is being fumigated in "The Doodle", and crosses herself again in "The Betrayal" after turning her back on a Hindu altar. Seinfeld: Why Elaine And Kramer Aren't Real Friends. The site may not work properly if you don't, If you do not update your browser, we suggest you visit, Press J to jump to the feed. Both songs are by the Eagles. During this run, we got to know Jerry, Elaine, George, and Kramer. Kramer: Why are you taking an IQ test for George? She has a particular affection for A Streetcar Named Desire. A dying fly. In "The Tape", George, Jerry and Kramer become attracted to Elaine after hearing a joke erotic message that she recorded on a tape Jerry was recording one of his live shows on. Castle Rock Entertainment, Inc. v. 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In "The Checks", her boyfriend Brett is so obsessed with the song "Desperado" that she feels ignored whenever it comes on. She then gives them to Mr. Lippman, Jake's publisher, who inadvertently angers Jake by wearing them to a book promotion. 2G and 78 W. 86th St., Apt. Seinfeld - Season 3. In "The Comeback" Elaine watches Weekend at Bernie's II, which is a staff pick from a video store recommended by Kramer, which she hates. Kennedy) for Mr. Peterman when she is caught in a vicious bidding war with Sue Ellen at an auction; in "The Abstinence", Elaine boasts to Sue Ellen about dating a doctor but then is made to look foolish when her boyfriend is completely useless during an emergency at the coffee shop; finally, in "The Betrayal", Elaine is so unhappy at receiving an "unvitation" (a deliberately last-minute invitation) to Sue Ellen's wedding, that she travels all the way to India just to show up. In "The Smelly Car" a valet makes Jerry's car and Elaine's hair smell like body odor. This results in such mental congestion that she becomes markedly less intelligent. George: You should take the test for me. He moves everyone’s cars to the other side of the street on “alternate … Russell's departure from NBC causes George and Jerry's pilot to be rejected, and it is implied at the end of "The Pilot" that Russell dies at sea during a Greenpeace mission. Monica is George's girlfriend in "The Cafe". Naturally, he blew it. After cutting it short in "The Soul Mate" and growing it out in "The Bizarro Jerry", it was shoulder length again by "The Little Kicks", and straightened once more from "The Summer of George" to "The Betrayal". In "The Pen", Elaine shows her love for the movie when she becomes unintentionally high on muscle relaxers and repeatedly screams "Stella" at a fancy awards dinner for Morty Seinfeld in Florida. JFK Jr. and Elaine ride together briefly in a cab. In "The Doodle" it is stated by George that Elaine takes a drawing class at The New School with his girlfriend Paula. Jerry and Elaine were on a flight heading back to New York, and there was a situation where one of them was to be bumped up … However, Elaine is confirmed to be a gentile in "The Postponement", when she talked to a rabbi about not being herself after finding out George got engaged before her. 7:59. Movie Class Week 47 (3) Seinfeld: Script and Vocabulary List Kramer: What test? \"The Jacket\" revealed that she had a sister in St. Louis and an uncle who worked in the Texas School Book Depository with Lee Harvey Oswald. Kramer turns his apartment into a smoking lounge and all the smoke disfigures his face. In addition to the first episode, Elaine doesn't appear in "The Trip" (the actress having been in the late stages of pregnancy at the time of filming) and therefore appears in fewer episodes than George and Jerry. In the season 2 episode Babu Bhatt opens a resteraunt called? Elaine: Mine's 145. It is not revealed if Mema is her maternal or paternal grandmother. She also dates Tim Whatley, a dentist who appears in several episodes, most notably "The Label Maker". Elaine has a cousin, Holly, who appears in "The Wink", where reference is made to Elaine's grandmother Mema, from whom Holly inherited a set of cloth napkins. George tells her she has "shiksa-appeal", the attraction of Jewish men to Gentile women ("Jewish men love the idea of meeting a woman that's not like their mother"). Peter Mehlman reveals on audio commentary in "The Sponge" and "The Betrayal" that female fans favor the brown leather jacket that she wears from Season 7 onward. Accuracy: A team of editors takes feedback from our visitors to keep trivia as up to date and as accurate as possible. [citation needed]. Later on, she lives on her own at 16 W. 75th St., Apt. In "The Tape", she jokingly leaves a dirty message on his tape recorder, reigniting the three other main characters' passion for her. In "The Cigar Store Indian", Elaine becomes the obsession of a nerdy TV fanatic named Ricky whom she meets on the subway; he shows up at the Costanzas' home with a paper bouquet for her which he made out of Frank Costanza's copy of TV Guide (which Elaine had accidentally left with him). George must take an IQ test for his latest girlfriend, so Elaine helps him in **, Looks like you're using new Reddit on an old browser. She also wears glasses at times, usually during work hours. Elaine: Would you please?! Take this quiz! **Update … In "The Dog", she tells George she moved to New York in 1986, which, by coincidence, is the year Jerry moved into his apartment across the hall from Kramer. The good news is, if you need to brush up on your "Seinfeld" savvy, you can watch all nine seasons again. Seinfeld epsiodes - Season 2. He briefly considers it but turns her down, saying that the situation was "too weird". Elaine says to Frank, "I could drop you like a bag of dirt." In "The Pick", Elaine is horrified when she realizes she sent a Christmas card which features her nipple to "Sister Mary Catherine" and "Father Chelios". Hey, remember in college when you … There’s so much to love about Season 2 of Seinfeld. The idea that Jerry and Elaine still have feelings for one another occasionally comes up in the series. George's girlfriend Monica wants him to take an IQ test. Also, the character was partially based on Monica Yates, daughter of novelist Richard Yates, whom Larry David once dated, and they remained good friends after they broke up.[2]. Still, Elaine sees him as a good friend: in "The Wife", he argues with Elaine over her love interest, who is threatening to throw him out of the health club. In the episode where George asks Elaine to take the IQ test for him, Elaine claims to have an IQ of 145, however when she takes the test in Babu's restaurant, she gets an 85. 4:52. Louis-Dreyfus received critical acclaim for her performance as Elaine, winning an Emmy, a Golden Globe and five SAG Awards. A reddit all about Jerry, George, Elaine and Kramer. Newman has a long-running crush on Elaine over the course of the series. In "The Slicer", she asks him first to lose power at her neighbors' house and also feed the cat with meat. In the same episode, Alton asks how her mom is; later, in "The Wait Out", Elaine reveals to David Lookner that Alton left her and the rest of her family when she was nine years old. Jerry: Get out of here! In the episode she describes herself as a "walking candy apple" after a bird runs into her "giant, freak head.". In "The Serenity Now", Elaine attracts the romantic attentions of both Mr. Lippman and his thirteen-year-old son, Adam. They get back together in "The Opposite", but he dumps her for stopping to buy Jujyfruits after hearing he was in a car crash. Elaine makes a particular enemy of Chinese restaurants on no fewer than four occasions. She tells him she is not of his Jewish faith. by Mathew Jedeikin. In "The Van Buren Boys", J. Peterman suggests that when Elaine writes the "romantic escapade" section of his autobiography, she can feel free to throw herself into the dialogue. In "The Pie", it is revealed that Ricky designed a mannequin in Elaine's likeness. In the reunion episode featured in Season 7 of Curb Your Enthusiasm, it is revealed in the years since the finale Jerry has donated sperm to Elaine that results in her having a daughter, who's taken to calling Jerry "Uncle Jerry", but by the episode's end, it is said she now refers to him as "daddy" - to Jerry and Elaine's clear discomfort. In "The Mom & Pop Store", when a big band music party temporarily deafens Elaine, Jerry jokingly proposes. In "The Non-Fat Yogurt", Elaine dates Lloyd Braun. [3] Her neuroses often interfere with her relationships, leading to the premature end of a blossoming relationship. She started dating Jerry later that year. Kramer: George? In "The Smelly Car", Elaine repulses her boyfriend Carl when her hair smells of body odor from riding in Jerry's car. The episode was the seventh episode of the show's third season. In "The Movie" George describes Elaine as having "a big wall o' hair". This might suggest that Elaine was raised Catholic. It aired on November 6, 1991. Unlike her three close friends, Elaine is absent from the pilot episode. Abstinence allows George to become a genius, but it turns Elaine into an idiot. According to Seinfeld's biography (written by Jerry Oppenheimer), Elaine was based in part on Susan McNabb (who was dating Seinfeld when the character was created), though eventually named after friend and fellow comic Elayne Boosler. She sometimes goes to Kramer for help. Over several episodes in Season 4, she dates Joe Davola, who is simultaneously stalking Jerry, unbeknownst to her until "The Opera". In "The Wink", her cousin Holly repeatedly mentions a "Grandma Memma" who apparently shared a mutual dislike with Elaine's side of the family. She tries to find a song that they can share and comes up with "Witchy Woman", but it does not work. Elaine conflicts with Frank Costanza on several occasions. The moves are repeated in her bedroom in a short scene of "The Slicer". It is also revealed that she is a horrible driver who slams on the brakes and wildly steers the car. In "The Chinese Woman", Jerry describes how Elaine has had a destructive effect on her relationship with her friend Noreen. [1] She says some elements of the character of Elaine, especially her assertiveness, intelligence and sense of humor, are drawn from the off-screen personality of Julia Louis-Dreyfus herself. An … Babcock would later reference it on The Nanny, and mentions seeing an episode where Elaine is "12 months pregnant" and trying to hide it with a large handbag, while CC's portrayer, Lauren Lane, was doing exactly the same thing. Here’s the chance viewers get to actually become intimate with the quirks and idiocies of the Seinfeld … In "The Mango", Jerry is shocked to discover that Elaine had feigned her orgasms while they were together. Then, in "The Little Kicks", she and Frank come to blows after George is arrested along with Elaine's coworker Anna. Upon learning that the new phone number will have the 646 area code instead of Manhattan's traditional 212, she tells the man: "You know, I could have killed you and no one would have known," to which the repairman repeats those exact words back to her. It is revealed that over the course of their friendship, Elaine has convinced Noreen to join the Army, then go AWOL, dump her "high-talker" boyfriend and then her "long-talker" boyfriend. Elaine claims to have an IQ of 145 (although her scores range from 85 to 151). In the episode where George asks Elaine to take the IQ test for him, Elaine claims to have an IQ of 145, however when she takes the test in Babu's restaurant, she gets an 85. Then in "The Race", she (and her Communist boyfriend) get blacklisted from a Chinese restaurant for refusing the delivery. In "The Pilot," Russell Dalrymple's love for Elaine drives him to a point where he joins Greenpeace just to impress her and dies in the aftermath. A Chinese restaurant deliveryman named Ping also once sued her for causing him to get into a bicycle crash in "The Virgin". Jerry and Elaine had dated for a while before the show started. Jerry responds to Elaine that Donna is "like you". Then, Raquel Welch (who was recently fired from a musical for dancing without swinging her arms), sees Elaine describing the walk to the police and thinks that Elaine is making fun of her and attacks her. In "The Airport", it is revealed that Gail lives in St. Louis. He passes her the test out of Monica's ground-floor window, setting the plot in motion. First, when Elaine criticizes Sam's way of walking ("It's like she's carrying invisible suitcases"), Sam gets furious and threatens revenge. She is a breathtakingly poor dancer. She attended finishing school and completed her undergraduate education at Tufts University, revealed to be her safety school in "The Puerto Rican Day", as a French literature major. [citation needed]. Previously the female role was supposed to be Claire, the waitress at Pete's Luncheonette played by Lee Garlington, but Monk's Cafe replaced the luncheonette and Garlington was dropped from the role. Elaine: It's for George. In "The Muffin Tops", Elaine convinces her ex-boss Mr. Lippman to start his own business selling just "muffin tops". I cashed it." In "The Watch" she asks him to pose as her boyfriend so she can dump Dr. Reston, her controlling psychiatrist boyfriend. In "The Finale", when Elaine is about to be taken away to prison, she emotionally tells Puddy to "not wait for her". While Elaine attempts to take this test at Jerry's place, Kramer gets in the way and she's majorly delayed. Seinfeld Blooper Elaine and Frank Costanza by M N. 1:21. Elaine describes Sharon as a "pom-pom-wavin' Backseat Bimbo" who grew up to be a "bulimic, chain-smoking, stenographer from Staten Island.". Her step-father Otis Williams is one of the founding members of the famous R&B group the Temptations. Yada yada yada. How High Is Your "Seinfeld" IQ? In "The Maestro", Elaine starts dating Bob Cobb, a conductor who insists on being called "Maestro". Her father, gruff author Alton Benes (a character based on the novelist Richard Yates and played by Lawrence Tierney), was featured in \"The Jacket\", and a cousin was featured in \"The Wink\". Kramer tries to keep his mother's ex-boyfriend's jacket, because it helps him meet … He mentions this to the mayor, who eventually loses his election as a result. Seinfeld - The Cafe Fun Facts : Page 2 This category is for questions and answers related to 'Seinfeld' - The Cafe, as asked by users of Eventually, Kramer steps in and forbids Elaine to have any more contact with Noreen. Seinfeld S03E07 - The Cafe - Jerry tries helping the owner of a small restaurant attract customers by giving him a suggestion. In "The Fix-Up", Kramer stops an argument between Jerry and Elaine and tells them, "Can't you two see that you're in love with each other?" Elaine also has a very refined taste in film, citing many movies, plays and characters throughout the series. ", During her interview on Inside The Actor's Studio, Julia Louis-Dreyfus said she believed Jerry and Elaine were soul mates but would never end up together because they were both too "insane and messed up.". Jerry: You know, I don't even know my IQ. Tia Van Camp will go down as the best looking woman Jerry Seinfeld dated in the 9 seasons of Seinfeld. Related quizzes can be found here: Seinfeld - The Cafe Quizzes In order to trick her into thinking he is very intelligent, George has Elaine take the test for him, but she is eventually caught by Monica. In "The Contest", John F. Kennedy, Jr., who works out at the same gym as Elaine, lets her know through the countergirl that he would like to meet her. Elaine's quick temper makes her several enemies and gets her into several confrontations over the years: She has a long-running hate and inferiority complex for ex-schoolmate and candy-bar heiress Sue Ellen Mischke. What does Jerry compare the cafe to? She is portrayed by Dawn Arnemann. In "The Chinese Woman", Elaine asks Jerry about the ethnicity of Donna Chang, whose surname was shortened from Changstein, a move not unusual for Jewish immigrants. 0:34 In "The Junk Mail", Elaine dates Jack, the TV pitchman for The Wiz. Which baseball cap does Elaine refuse to take off at the Yankees game? She asks him and Newman to help her get rid of a neighbor's dog in "The Engagement". In "The Bizarro Jerry", she dates Kevin, the nice, kind antithesis of Jerry whose friends Gene, Feldman and Vargas are polar opposites of George, Kramer and Newman, respectively, each described as coming from the backwards Bizarro World of Superman comics. However, in "The Stakeout", Jerry tells his parents that the reason for the break-up had to do with fighting too much and "physical chemistry". Elaine's best friend is her ex-boyfriend Jerry Seinfeld, and she is also good friends with George Costanza and Cosmo Kramer. In "The Abstinence", Elaine abstains from sex with her boyfriend until he passes his medical exam. I’m in my 20s but I find Elaine to be attractive, especially for an older woman. She later realizes that she wrote her fake number on a sub sandwich punch card, so to get the free sub has to go to the Off-track betting parlor where the phone number she wrote belongs. She breaks off the relationship after one date, sending Russell into an emotional spiral that causes him to quit his job and join Greenpeace to impress her. In "The Package", it is revealed that Elaine's medical charts characterize her as a "difficult" patient to such a degree that she cannot receive treatment for a rash because one doctor after another refuses to treat her.