Find books Entrepreneurship is “a process by which individuals –either on their ... (Shane and Venkataraman, 2000). The Promise of Entrepreneurship as a Field of Research @article{Shane2000ThePO, title={The Promise of Entrepreneurship as a Field of Research}, author={S. Shane and S. Venkataraman}, journal={Academy of Management Review}, year={2000}, volume={25}, pages={217-226} } 1 (Jan., 2000), pp. 25, n°1, pp. Shane S. and Venkataraman S. (2000), The Promise of Entrepreneurship as a Field of Research, Academy of Management Review, vol. This article extends and elaborates the perspective on entrepreneurship articulated by Shane and Venkataraman (2000) and Venkataraman (1997) by explaining in more detail the role of opportunities in the entrepreneurial process. In returning to Shane and Venkataraman’s (2000) definition of an opportunity, it was noted that an opportunity involved a temporal overlap between the customer’s willingness to pay a certain price for a good or service and the entrepreneur’s ability to provide that good or service at a lesser cost. We have limited knowledge of the opinion of entrepreneurs, business opportu-nities, the people that pursue them, the skills used for organizing and exploiting Shane, 2003). 709: 2011: The entrepreneur–environment nexus: Uncertainty, innovation, and allocation. 217-226. has been cited by the following article: Article The Promise of Entrepreneurship as a Field of Research | Scott Shane and S. Venkataraman | download | BookSC. Shane and Venkataraman, 2001; Venkataraman, 1997). AUTHORS: Hua Zhang, Ying Zhang 25, No. Academy of Management Review, 2, 217-226. has been cited by the following article: TITLE: Psychological Characteristics of Entrepreneurship of College Students in China. Within this framework, a central task for entrepreneurship research is to develop and test theory about how characteristics of “opportunities”, directly and in interaction with actor characteristics, give shape to entrepreneurial processes. Shane, S., & Venkataraman, S. (2000).The promise of entrepreneurship as a field of research. 217- To date, the phenomenon of entrepreneurship has lacked a conceptual framework. Entrepreneurship theory and practice 35 (1), 113-135, 2011. In this note we draw upon previous research conducted in the different social science disciplines and applied fields of business to create a conceptual framework for the field. Download books for free. Essentially entrepreneurship is an economic phenomenon involving “a nexus of two phenomena: the presence of lucrative opportunities and the presence of enterprising individuals” (Shane and Venkataraman, 2000, p. 218): entrepreneurs prioritise the creation of wealth rather than its transfer. The Promise of Entrepreneurship as a Field of Research Author(s): Scott Shane and S. Venkataraman Source: The Academy of Management Review, Vol. Academy of management review 26 (1), 13-16, 2001. ... S Shane, S Venkataraman. 267: 2001: Dispersed knowledge and an entrepreneurial theory of the firm. individual and “opportunity” (cf.