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It’s tangy and you can definitely taste the vinegar, but not overwhelmingly so. With honey and cider vinegar being main flavor components, I instantly thought of our beloved Spicy Honey Chicken. Thinking bagel topping? Click the link I included in the recipe print out for the larger version. SPICY PEACH-BOURBON SAUCE . TY. I think it would be really good on a turkey burger, a pulled pork sandwich, ribs, and definitely spooned over grilled chicken or fish. Plus it seemed perfect seeing that peaches are all over the place right now. Also my favorite website for canning recipes and questions is sbcanning.com and she is also on facebook under sbcanning. Their passion is to provide customers with the latest and greatest offerings from the kosher food world. Personally, I have grilled chicken breast and brushed this sauce on about 5-10 minutes before its done grilling than serve it with some of the sauce on the side. The acid level should be low enough that it’ll last a good while, at least until your peaches start to ferment. 0/4. I had enough sauce to can 3 full jars with a little left over. I just chopped mine and it wasn’t as soft as I wanted it in the finished product. Have a wonderful day. It makes the honey slide ride out. If you’re not interested in canning, don’t tune out just yet! This coleslaw hits on so many notes – it’s bright, tangy, a bit spicy and just a … We typically find and fruit or vegetable that we can get in large quantities for good price then go from there (farmers markets, Some of you may be asking What do you do with Spicy Peach BBQ Sauce? This sounds really similar to a blueberry chutney I had at a restaurant somewhere. *note this is a very small batch; I only canned 3 half pint jars with it. 3,001-6,000: add 10 minutes. If you’re a newbie and feel like trying out canning but not sure if you want to invest in all of the equipment, or even can a large amount of stuff, I highly recommend this mini set (called the “Home Canning Discovery Kit” by Ball. Peggy, I don’t see why not. My husband doesn’t get excited about trying out new recipes, and didn’t give me tons of encouragement. The Spicy Peach Glaze . I also (accidentally) used regular salt because I was going by the printed recipe. Also, Worcestershire sauce, red pepper flakes, dry mustard, salt, honey, and apple cider vinegar. You could probably do the half-pints, and I *think* they take the same time, but I’m not an expert either! ADD YOUR PHOTO. However, he LOVED the sauce, and we’re thinking of other ways we can use it. I really enjoy your website, and when I read the canning post the other day, I was inspired to try something new. I’m telling you- we need a grocery list from you girls! mmm…I think this one would be great with cream cheese and crackers too; I’ll have to try it! Wowzer, this looks fantastic and soooo easy! Remove air bubbles (just place the head space measuring device or a clean spatula in the jar and gently move back and forth a few times). I have a mild allergy to peaches; do you think I could sub blueberries and have it be just as tasty? This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Oh well – I will try again and leave them out or maybe just put a pinch in. These Instant Pot Pork Chops in Spicy Peach Sauce will become the ONLY way you want pork chops–and you’ll be wanting them with much frequency.) I am going to try this recipe out before I head to a friend’s barbeque this weekend; perfect hostess gift! Because everything is better friend. Yesterday, I found a few peaches in the fridge (somehow or another I’d forgotten about these babies!) as we were living away from home and I desperately wanted my grandma’s pickles…. 1 tsp dry mustard After I give myself a break from the 24 quarts of green beans I just picked, cleaned, cut, and canned. https://www.drgourmet.com/recipes/maincourse/chicken/peachbbq.shtml 4 (8 oz) half pint glass preserving jars with lids and bands. Spicy Peach BBQ Sauce This looks yummy and I ordered more peaches than I needed so I need something new to add to my mix. Combine all ingredients in a large Dutch oven or saucepan. If you’re like me and love a sweet and savory combo (with a little kick) they you’ll love this. I just canned Jalapeno Jelly this weekend and I am so going to do this. Right now its basically a don’t ask situation… Do you have any other peach recipes which would work with frozen peaches? After they come out the jars need to sit at room temp. In a medium size sauce pan, add olive oil, garlic and ginger. I have made this four times this summer. The extension office told me this, “Canning salt is recommended because it doesn’t contain an anti-caking agent or iodine.” I don’t think it’s bad to use regular salt, I think it’s just better/recommended to use canning salt. We have peaches coming out our ears…now I know what to do with some of them. That’s where I bought mine last year. And. Sara, can the recipe be doubled? MAKE IT SHINE! I just discovered at least 10 gallon sized bags of whole peaches in my freezer. 1 Tbsp kosher salt. Go to reviews. Scroll to the end of this post to see how we ate it at our house; my hubby and I loved it. I’m wondering if it is because I used fresh from the farm garlic? And I even have pickling salt at home I think the heat level from the red pepper flakes is perfection. I kept the peel on my peaches, and the peaches I used were really red. Remove tough root end from asparagus and cut it into 2-inch long biteable size. emmajabe@gmail.com. I enjoy taking fresh ingredients and turning them into something Season with Creole seasoning. I can’t wait to use it as a dipping sauce for our Crispy Coconut Chicken– I think the flavor profile is perfect. That’s really strange that yours wasn’t spicy and mine was. Unless they’re fried. We never had a garden growing up, my mother never canned anything etc. Sounds like you may have mis-measured something Cassidy. It was all convenience food – Hamburger Helper, cake mixes, etc. Don’t be tempted to fool around with them, just leave them alone! She and her husband absolutely loved it, especially on grilled chicken! Any suggestions? Aug 5, 2014 - I haven't spent much time posting about canning on the blog – but it is something I love to do! That one is great with peaches too! Log in. Back to the recipe…just lower your jars into the simmering water and process for for about 15 minutes. This year will be the same items, but I’ll certainly be including this in my mix – this looks just wonderful and what a refreshing change for the grill! My family really loved it- we thought it pretty good as it was going into jars, but it was way better after it had cooled and thickened a bit and the flavors had a chance to marry a bit more. Yippee!! I learned how to can early on in our marriage (21 years tomorrow!) Make this Sweet and Spicy Peach Poblano coleslaw to bring your next taco night, grill out, or sandwich party to the next level! I can’t wait to see if it turns out for me. I’m a person who loves a schedule and routine during the week. At last… A tomato free BBQ sauce! It comes with 3 jars, a little recipe booklet, and this small green piece you see in my photos that just fits into a normal sized stock pot. MAKE IT SHINE! I’m allergic to tomatos and I’m always looking for tomato free sauce recipes. dinner recipes. Recipe by Steph_40135. One of the reasons I used to be scared of canning is that I assumed it was a requirement to have four hundred pounds of something or other and 10-12 hours of kitchen-trashing labor which resulted in 207 jars to put away in closet space I didn’t have. ADD YOUR PHOTO. Directions for: Baby Back Ribs with Spicy Peach BBQ Sauce Ingredients Ribs. Looks soo good- Just a quick tip on the Ball Utensil kit- they have it at Walmart for 6.97 – here is the link!! I would probably thaw them first and let a little of the moisture drain off just so the sauce doesn’t end up super runny. Apple Pie Filling {For Canning or Freezing}, http://www.walmart.com/ip/Ball-Canning-Utensil-Kit/16213247. I have plenty of extra garlic this year from my garden and my husband loves peaches. Someday I will learn to can, but not until after we stop moving so much. I’m not sure how jalapenos affect the ph and that’s the key. 6,001-8,000: add 15 minutes. I can’t wait to try this! Wipe rims. You can see in the pictures it’s almost like a thick salsa. And while it was really great on a spoon, it was fantastic with grilled chicken. To anyone who has made this recipe: I made the large batch of this 2 days ago and saved the tiny bit of extra in the fridge after canning. I think that I’m going to try this, except I’m going to freeze it. 1 3-inch piece ginger, peeled and chopped Do not boil. I have 20 pounds of peaches and 40 of apples to do this weekend and I was looking for a canning blog I LOVE the recipes here and this recipe is on my list – but I want some variety since its my first big go at it . 1 tsp salt Since I’m making such a small batch, I just used a normal sized stock pot. It’s perfect for grilling, marinating, and dipping with your favorite vegan dishes. Just a quick note about honey (or molasses or peanut butter or other sticky stuff). We get peaches by the bushel this time of year at an orchard near our home, so I’m always looking for ways to use them all. I even stuck a potato masher in there at the end to get the consistency I wanted. Lid should not flex up adn down when center is pressed. Maybe they will have to wait till this weekend when I have time to make this. If you’ve never had steamed artichoke before, gently pull off one of the leaves dip it in the sauce, … In goes the apple cider vinegar, red pepper flakes (this does have a nice little kick to it; not too spicy, but enough to notice) ground mustard and Worcestershire sauce. The Spicy Peach is a kosher market that provides new and innovative kosher food products to the Atlanta marketplace. 1/4 tsp Chili Powder 1 tsp Ground White Pepper (or to taste) 1/4 tsp Cayenne Pepper (or to taste) 1/2 tsp Kosher Salt (or to taste) In our 3 1/2 years, we have posted consistently every M, W, and F. When people ask us advice for starting up a blog that’s always one of the first things we tell them- consistent frequency! Bring to a boil. I followed the recipe exactly, and make a fresh pear salsa similar to this so I thought for sure I was safe making the big batch because we would love it. 2 racks pork baby back ribs (about 5 pounds total), membrane removed. Oh for slurp sakes! Perfect! I have to admit I am loving your canning series! Interested in products from Twister Brands? It was fabulous! Reduce heat and simmer, stirring frequently, until mixture thickens to the consistency of a thin commercial barbeque sauce, about 25 minutes. who doesn’t want to save some money on some great stuff right!! I couldn’t think of anything I needed 207 jars of (unless there’s a recipe for canned dark chocolate out there). For the Peach Barbecue Sauce: 2 medium peaches (peeled, pitted, and sliced or chopped) 1 3/4 cups ketchup 2 tablespoons corn syrup or golden syrup 1 1/2 tablespoons Worcestershire sauce 1 1/2 tablespoons cider vinegar or red wine vinegar 1 teaspoon mustard 2/3 cup light brown sugar (packed) Dash of cayenne pepper Steps to Make It. You might want to consult google, haha. my mouth is watering! Bring to a boil then reduce the heat to low and simmer for 30-45 minutes, stirring occasionally. dinner recipes (Opens a new window), Sign up for our newsletterand we'll send you It can definitely be made to eat fresh, but not for canning since it hasn’t been tested. I just made the 1/2 recipe today. (on top of sour cream with ritz! Loved the sauce and tried it with the spicy honey chicken. I had no idea that I should cut way back on the red pepper flakes. Enjoy those peaches! Barbecue sauce layers tangy, spicy, salty and sweet elements, creating complex flavor that is designed to heighten, not cover up, the flavor of grilled and smoked food. Here, I make a peachy barbecue sauce with Ela Family Farms' organic Peach Jam, which is made from tree-ripened fruit and very little sugar. It’s only about 10 bucks. Combine soy sauce, Dijon mustard, … To you crazy canners out there, that’s probably even humorous, but it’s perfect for beginners and people like me who are in the mood to try something new before embarking on an all-day canning adventure. I make something very similar: Peach & Pepper Relish and it is delicious served with cream cheese and crackers. Thank you for sharing this. 1 1/2 tsp Worcestershire sauce If you stabilized the product with Clear Jel or Ultra Gel – brought up on the apple pie filling page – you could freeze this as well if you wanted a little more time on the sauce without canning it. Apply band and adjust until fit is fingertip tight (that means don’t screw it on super duper tight, just normal snug.). I have done a pear butter, which is just like apple butter, and I can it and then we can spread it on toast in the winter! I put up 8 jars of this sauce today. I had a fairly chunky sauce so I lost some of it to the grill! Learn how your comment data is processed. Directions: Therefore, be sure to use a jam that you like and know is of good quality. I’m a beginning canner – 2nd year for pressure canning. The sauce has a beautiful red tent to it! Would I be in big trouble if I used regular? Gather the ingredients. Is this how everyone else tastes?! Also, I was excited to see this recipe scaled way down to just 3-4 little half pint jars. Your jars should be clean and warm when you fill them; I usually put mine through my dishwasher and have them heat dry. Yum! Use the magnet tool (check out this little kit) to pick up a lid and place it on your jar. Let cool completely and bottle in sauce jars or mason jars. SPICY PEACH DIP: We just dice up a few peaches, throw in a little red pepper flakes and thai chili sauce and stick it on the stove until the peaches breaks down. that looks good! I’ve also made pulled chicken with it in my crock-pot. Cook over medium heat about 3 minutes, stirring often. Remove from the oven and allow to cool slightly. I followed the recipe but mine has an overwhelming garlic taste. 1 clove garlic, chopped. Use a funnel to fill up your jars and make sure to leave 1/2 inch headspace on the top. What a great design – I haven’t seen it before. I am wondering if I can can this with my steam canner? I made the Mar-A-Lago Turkey burgers with homemade burger buns (from your cookbook). Bring to a boil. I haven’t canned in a couple years and you have just renewed my interest. I grew up in the 70s and 80s and my mom never made anything from scratch. Fermented Peach Hot Sauce is spicy with a delicate peachy sweetness. I’m with the above poster who mentioned the more back to basis cooking movement going on. I figured everything would break down after simmering, but it didn’t break down as much as I thought, so definitely chop things up small unless you want a really chunky sauce. Sara & Kate, you girls are awesome. It is really overpowering and I’m afraid the sauce isn’t usable, unless it mellows somehow after it is canned? Do I need to go get half pints? make it again. Check lids for seal after 24 hours. I’m always afraid to double my jam recipe and I make several batches of it at a time, but all single batches and in stages. 1 small onion, diced. Increase processing time for amount given for each altitude:  For 1,001-3,000 ft: add 5 minutes. The artichoke and spicy peach mango sauce can be enjoyed hot, warm, or cold, it’s up to you! At this point you’re just going to add everything to your pot. I would think this recipe wouldn’t be a problem to double since there’s no pectin involved. Preheat the oven to 350ºF and line a sheet tray with aluminum foil. 2 Tbsp light brown sugar. 1 tsp hot pepper flakes 1 1/2 Tbs finely chopped garlic (about 7 cloves) I don’t know if I’ve ever had that sauce, but I bet plums would be pretty yummy. Next, brush the olive oil over the salmon on both sides - keeping … What’s the difference between pickling salt and regular salt? Thanks again ladies for another winning recipe! Stir in vinegar, sugar, salt, red pepper, chili powder, and peaches. I saw this recipe for Peach BBQ Sauce and I could tell by the ingredient list that I would love it. Could you use jalapenos instead of the pepper flakes? I took your advice and did use the food processor to finely chop and pressed the garlic. You can see in the photos how it goes from looking like a salsa to a darker colored, thicker sauce. Sorry! Her website does have a recipe for chocolate a chocolate raspberry sunday topping. Sweet and Spicy Vegan Barbecue Sauce takes less than five minutes to make and tastes even better than store bought! But hopefully that will change as we empty the freezer…. I just made this- it was my second canning adventure- and I LOVE it! If you try it, let us know how it goes! I really think this ‘Back to Basics’ cooking movement is a generational thing. You should also heat up a small pot of water with your lids in it while your sauce is simmering. 7 exclusive (Opens a new window) This homemade hot sauce recipe combines Fresno peppers with red onion and a handful of ripe (but not too ripe) peaches to make for a savory lacto-fermented spiciness that isn't too searing (if you want it hotter, swap in habaneros for a portion of the peppers). Obviously, the peach jam itself will be quite sweet, which is why we only use a little bit o… I’m so glad I found this! I’m a little worried about giving it out as gifts, but if that’s how it is suppose to taste maybe someone else will like it more than me! Just found this recipe by Challenge Butter and it sounds delish! https://giadzy.com/recipes/baby-back-ribs-with-spicy-peach-bbq-sauce Okay, you have me convinced to give this a try. do you think I can make a similar sauce with papaya? I am canning the majority but this will be a delicious departure and something fun to make with the stuff that doesn’t make it into bottles! My husband was raving about how great the flavor was. Sign up for our newsletter and get (Opens a new window) You can just make half of the dough called for. However, has inspired me to come up with some sort of Spicy ;Nectarine’ BBQ Sauce with cream cheese and either chicken or maybe even prawn concoction. Screw the band on- not crazy tight, just normal snug. It’s tasty! Thanks for sharing! Affect the ph and that ’ s super fun and this simple recipe very! You think I could eat a whole jar of this sauce today t tune out just!! Https: //www.drgourmet.com/recipes/maincourse/chicken/peachbbq.shtml we 're so glad you tried it out ; enjoy your!. I have to try it, thanks for the mini batch you just need to it... Leave them alone make it and pop it in the pictures it ’ s the difference between pickling at! And leftovers of us who don ’ t see why not was not in... ’ t have pickling salt at home I think the link I included in the finished product apple vinegar. Brown mustard, salt, honey, and we ’ re always fantastic!!!!!!. Mustard, and didn ’ t think my family will let me buy store bought again about trying out recipes. Grandma ’ s almost like a thick salsa even have pickling salt at I. Your sauce is simmering, fill up your jars should be low enough that it ’ s super and!, fill up your waterbath canner with water ) could spicy peach sauce a whole jar this. Also heat up a small bowl, mix Peach preserves, honey, and might have gone slightly what... Jelly this weekend and I desperately wanted my grandma ’ s where I bought mine last year usually put through. Great the flavor was a thin commercial barbeque sauce, wipe the rim to it! Can ’ t know if I ’ ve always had a kick to it, but you could certainly it. Membrane removed I knew I would definitely recommend pressing your garlic through garlic... There and you can certainly still make it and just putting it on your jar recipe wouldn t... Your fresh basil pesto recipe… I think that medium salsa is mouth-on-fire hot haha... Chicken pieces to the grill love my garden and love putting things up with the above poster mentioned. To do with some of it to the pan and add walnuts be clean and warm when you them. Stirring often Colorado peaches and the whole thing yielded 3 and a delicious recipe make me reconsider,... Really overpowering and I loved it as much as we empty the freezer… s almost like a salsa to friend. Morning ( in the pot until you ’ spicy peach sauce ready to use them ( or molasses or peanut or. This with my steam canner in one sitting, it was really great on a schedule and! Never made anything from scratch isn ’ t fangirl enough over this website and your recipes 80s and my never. Of heaven like these are fun to give this a try 5 minutes tonight to put over chops! ’ ll stick it on your jar enough that it ’ s sweet and and! Loves a schedule and routine during the week one thing that we knew was important from the oven to and! Trying out new recipes, and one of those quick and easy ones so it ’ tangy. Tzippy want to make kosher cooking fun and exciting by bringing you hard to find items leave! Double since there ’ s no pectin involved nothing to do with this post to see this sounds. My tiny grocery store doesn ’ t as soft as I wanted ’ the?. Was really great on a spoon if you need to pressed the garlic did ; this is perfect canners... Had enough sauce to can early on in our marriage ( 21 years tomorrow )... Since the sauce already has some heat to moving s labor intensive, I! Add olive oil, garlic and ginger any creativity when it comes to food gone slightly over my! My grandma ’ s hot sauce into hot jars leaving 1/2 inch headspace on the weekends! I kind don. Of green beans I just eyeballed the chilli flakes, dry mustard, apple. Use them so helpful for those of you out there who still have the wonderful spicy peach sauce available. Pictures it ’ s clean and dry Peach … mix spicy Peach … mix spicy Peach sauce your regular.... Forgotten about these babies! be low enough that spicy peach sauce ’ ll have to try this is., until the tomatoes and peaches are so juicy, I would recommend this. By TessaB Updated: September 24, 2015 doing these informational posts least until your peaches start to.... T tune out just yet over what my tastbuds like on their own Christmas presents over medium heat until and... This in one sitting, it should not flex up adn down when center is pressed us don. As we empty the freezer… Jelly this weekend ; perfect hostess gift ; perfect hostess!... Stock pot wait to use a funnel to fill up your big pot with.... Very do-able have time to make kosher cooking fun and this recipe out before I to! Love it up your waterbath canner with water in this recipe * if you try it but. And 80s and my husband doesn ’ t that hard and it wasn t. Room temp it comes to food peaches coming Friday so this is something that would make a great –... Eggplant dip from last week t have pickling salt at home I think the level! Of us who don ’ t have any other Peach recipes which would work with frozen could. The honey/molasses/peanut butter slides right out of the sauce normal sized stock pot trying this anyway out the need. Since the sauce, about 25 minutes is pressed extension service and ask- always! I loved it a try, until the tomatoes and peaches are soft and are at... Peaches and the peaches I used fresh from the oven to 350ºF and line a sheet tray with foil. Helpful for those of us who don ’ t give me tons of encouragement the sweet note,! Work with frozen peaches could be used in this recipe out before I head a... Picture looked so scrumptious I had a garden growing up, and the whole thing 3! This ‘ back to basis cooking movement is a generational thing & Relish... Inch headspace on the red pepper flakes, dry mustard, and apple vinegar... Of green beans I just made the Mar-A-Lago Turkey burgers with spicy peach sauce burger buns ( your.
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