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- poor short line abilities. Most DT-lines are even longer than 80 feet meaning that you can most likely get two heads from one line. I know that running lines differ, and that they are a matter of personal taste. Where you learn the pluses and minuses of different running line types If it still doesn't load, you let out even more line. Bring home the line, and check the length and the tapers. During the day these fish often hold beyond a distant drop-off, and the best way to reach them is with a shooting head … Video showing how to effectively cast a shooting head. The taper is less important because there can be good reasons to trim or even remove the taper. The use of a shooting head is not only a blessing. If I try to go to the 350-400 for the floater, the head would be very long, even overlining by two to three line weights. A parking lot can do, but it's hard on the line. Instead, many of these anglers prefer to fish the relatively new integrated heads that are one continuous full- length line. A weighted shooting head. Connect again and test again. This will only add length to the casting part of the line, but no weight and bring nothing but trouble. This is a shooting head only. It's important to notice that shooting heads are very different. Once you step into the realm of Teeny (or Rio) sinking lines, you are in a different world. Some of the fast sinking regular fly lines will do too, but will rarely sink as fast as the dedicated deep water lines. In our sport a certain degree of luck is always part of the equation, but in the long run it is the knowledgeable angler who ends up being the most successful. Myron was a champion tournament caster who hailed from Northern California, and is credited as one of the leading pioneers in the development of this type of line. Nicely done and highly useful article, thank you for sharing it! They looked like they came through a shredder. It's the easiest line to use out of the box. Sometimes, the fish are just beyond your normal casting range, and you need a little extra distance. This is not meant to imply that full length integrated heads are inferior choices. Now if I were to build a floating head, the ideal length would be up to 30 feet for ease of casting. Buy Now Buy Now More Info. Airflo Scandi Long Shooting Heads Long Casting Salmon Fishing Fly Lines | NEW. Learn about a novel loop knot for use in making loop-to-loop connections. The reason for this is the fact that the shooting head will not pass through the top eye at the peak of each cast - it will be outside. £799.00 £639.50 Save 20%. Regular price £39.99 £19.99 Sale. Martin, It's now ready for the trimming process. String your line assembly through the eyes and strip out most of the shooting head. The distance is achieved through a simple redistribution of weight; more in front and less in the back. In some cases one or two blind casts will aide the cast, increasing speed and distance, but excessive blind casting will rarely brings anything good. But consider trying without. A very promising line I cast at the Fly Tackle Dealer Show in Denver last September is Scientific Anglers Shark Skin fly line. If you haven’t done so already, try using a shooting head setup, and you’ll find that you can fish any waterfront with confidence. Loop do a table of length of head of their custom series vs. length/AFTM rating of rods which should be available on their website - unfortunately they don't specify weights. In addition, the Billfish Shooting Head has a bright orange, 4ft long rear section so anglers can easily see the rear end of the head.. I appreciate your kind words Pete. I have a St. Croix Avid fly rod, 13' 6" long, 7/8 wt. Take a couple of strips and tug the coil into the clip. For All-Around Saltwater Pursuits. Sorry for being long winded here. Quickview. Mosquito $2.10. The shooting head is a simple construction, where a piece of fly line is attached to a thin shooting (or running) line. RIO's Outbound Short series of saltwater fly lines has some big fans. Stimulator $3.10. A shooting head is basically a radicalized version of a weight-forward fly line. The weight is the most important factor, and different lines will need slightly different lengths to get the same weight - especially if you very the density: floating, neutral, sinking. But if you want a system, where you can exchange the head, you need to cut and add loops of course. John Norris Atlantic Spey Fly Lines Medium Sinking Type 2. Your shooting head should now ideally be somewhere between 9 and 10 meters (27' and 30') and lead the rod perfectly with a foot or two of running line outside the tip top. The effect of the furniture polish might also be smoothness and shootability. Stillwater. Spey (5) Material. I had the pleasure of fishing with him in the Seattle area, and was intrigued by the 'modular' line setup that he uses on his two hand spey rod for steelhead. Trim carefully and keep experimenting. The front loaded weight distribution quickly loads a rod, while the unique step down taper at the back allows for very long flight times and easy distance. In addition to a variety of lengths, the market offers lines built for specific fishing situations. Deep Water Express Shooting Head Fly Lines, Shooting Lines & Tapers $ 54.95. Put a braided sleeve type loop on the back end of the shooting head and a loop on the front end of your running line - no matter what type of connection you want to end up with. TackleDirect stocks fly lines, leaders and tippets from leading manufacturers, so you can be confident in … MwSt., zzgl. I hope I have accurately expressed my confusion. In this article I will try to cover some advantages and disadvantages of the shooting head over the WF line, and I will thoroughly describe the way you can configure a good shooting head system for your rod. If you don't, you wind up with a very long shooting head. Con: high weight, fairly high friction, stiffness limits casting lengths, expensive. Fly Lines Floating Sinking Scandi Skagit Spey Saltwater Shooting Heads Multi Tips Backing & Accessories. You can easily make any line into a shooting head. From the coastline to the remote ocean, there are innumerable saltwater fishing open doors for all fishermen. From this point there will be less trimming needed than from half a line. RIO announced yesterday that it was expanding the series further by adding a selection of 16 shooting head lines. Once you have a head you like, measure and weigh it and in the future you can easily cut new heads by simply aiming for the same length and weight. featured products. skagit driver. For many, shooting head systems offer a more practical solution for banging out the easy yards in every day fishing situations. Should you wind up with a line that has been cut too short and can't load your favorite rod... well, save that line. Rig the rod for fishing with a proper leader, fly and the works, and go to the water to experience the handling and real casting while standing in water. You work out line like you would in any cast until you reach the link between the head and the shooting line. View Product; New Snowbee Classic² Reel Kit. Stan Pleskunas Vertical Line Management Device (VLMD) – click for larger image, Regardless of the type of running line, I highly recommend some type of stripping basket. £44.99 . Mackenzie G3 Phased 5 Shooting Head Multi Tip Line. You can sum up the advantages and disadvantages of the running lines like this: Fly lines (Many brands) Taper diagrams were created by measuring the diameter of each line every 6 inches until we were well into the running line. Parachute Ant $2.10. Scott Leon doing a two-handed strip with a shooting head. In the modern world of Spey fishing, anglers have a multitude of choices when it comes to selecting a fly line. But as you work with and fish the heads, you will gain knowledge and confidence, and be able to do a new shooting head with no casting tests at all. Here's where I am confused. Now you can finally say goodbye to big clumsy loops, acetone, glue and sewing processes. Awesome intro to shooting heads, has answered a lot of questions, thank you. This is a shooting head only. A running line that is one of my favorites (this is not intended as a commercial) is Rio’s mono SlickShooter in 50-pound test. Weigh an existing head for reference, and get out the line you want to cut. Why make the billfish heads so short? Idaho Falls, Idaho (June 2, 2014 ) – RIO Products, industry-leading manufacturer of fly lines, leaders and tippet material, introduces saltwater anglers to a full range of floating, intermediate and sinking shooting heads in its cold, saltwater fly line series. Wish List. What's your frequency? Thank you so much a really informative piece. Thanks, Braided (HT. For single-handed rods at least, there is simply no need to have a head in excess of 30-feet. When you cast it should release itself as tension draws it. Seaguar Saltwater IGFA Leaders have high abrasion resistance, making these the premier fluorocarbon leaders for all Saltwater fishing. You can buy any brand you like, and it's not necessarily a bad choice to take a second rate line. Lines might be floating for inshore fishing, intermediate, or even fast sinking. By customising heads and shooting lines, tournament distance casters have reached amazing distances, always following the principal of delaying turnover by increasing the length of the heads (15 metres and longer) and reducing line inertia by selecting a lighter/thinner shooting line. Farlows Recommends. With constant change as a given, it’s a well-established fact that the key to consistently taking fish is the ability to adapt to the conditions at hand. Steelheaders also use shoting head setups and even salmon fishers, using two hand rods will in many cases prefer a shooting head. Would I be making a huge mistake attempting a shooting head that's 2 steps above my 9wt rod? Pro: floats, handles beautifully, good friction turns over shooting head, knots untangle easily Bring a pair of scissors, some extra braided loops and a couple of fake flies - bright yarn or pipe cleaners will do fine. Secondly the room for back casts is usually restricted. Yes, that’s well over 4000data points. Quickview. Wind it up in relatively tight curls - 10-15 centimeters or 4-6 inches in diameter - and place it on the scale. The best way to trim the shooting head is by casting it. Where we learn a few tricks to cast better with a shooting head setup Green Drake $2.10. Even with multiple outfits I would still have had to re–spool, and with full length lines that would have been a chore. When making fast sinking heads I have always used some type of very dense line - like the Scientific Angler Deep Water Express or Lead Core. This is too cool!!! Some are half double taper lines with almost no taper, while others are carefully constructed with roll, spey and underhand casts in mind, and often as good or better with these casts than a simple WF line. In addition, some do not like the sound or the feel of the loops going through the rod guides. Zpey Scandic saltwater Shooting heads føres fra 14 gram til 20 gram. RIO's Spey swivel attaches (via loop-to-loop connections) between the shooting line and shooting head and eliminates twists and kinks often caused by spey casting. 28 Item(s) Pages. Let's assume you want to make a head for a 7-weight rod. Saltwater: Outbound: Shooting Heads/Lines: Tips: Skagit: Scandinavian: Spey: Avid: MainStream: Rio Leader/Tippet: Rio Technology Information: Your Account: Gift Certificates: 508-977-0700: e-Mail Us : Rio Saltwater Fly Lines: Learn about Rio's Latest Technology & Quick-View Specifications. I am trying to figure out what shooting head lenght I need for my new 13' # 8 Scott ARC. That calls for special types of lines like Deep Water Express or Lead Core. - Use as few blind casts as possible - one will often do. The 7- through 10-weights are great for temperate climates, while the 11- and 12-weights are designed specifically for the tropics. Casting such a line might not be a charm, but when you have a heavy wind against you, you will be pleased with its performance. 18,10 GRAMM / ZPEY - SCANDIC ZALTWATER SHOOTING HEAD CLEAR INTERMEDIATE 940 (GRAIN: 279 GRAINS) 49,95 € * Auf Lager 18,21 GRAMM / ZPEY - SCANDIC ZALTWATER SHOOTING HEAD CLEAR INTERMEDIATE 940 (GRAIN: 281 GRAINS) 49,95 € * Auf Lager Durch Produkte blättern * Preise inkl. Very helpful article! £0.00. rage compact hover. Hi Martin: Quick View. It should still overload. 6 wt. Here's a full article about shooting lines. Any guesses as to what components of the polish are helpful and, therefore, what substitutes might be used? I was considering using Rio T-14 line for the sinking head. As soon as the line touches the surface, make a single back cast and cast the shooting head and running line. Please notice that the above recommendations are just guidelines. Would I be able to cut the head off the running ling and set up a loop system so I can change heads??? The Sniper features an easy casting condensed head with a thick tip diameter, ideal for turning over heavier flies. I have some research to do on the different weight classes, as I have coils of shooting head material that are rated at inch/second sink rates. A shooting head is simply a short, dense section of fly line attached to a very thin running (shooting) line offering minimal resistance, and drag on the head in flight. Buy Now Buy Now More Info. There are disadvantages too. Snowbee Geo-S Salmon & Saltwater Fly Reels. Where we learn different ways of doing the final cosmetics on the setup This allows you to cast your line over a greater distance. Now you need to go back on the lawn. - Shoot line when the head is just out of the top eye with only enough running line free to work the cast. - it will take fewer blind casts to get the rod loaded, eliminating the need to work out line bit by bit. The main trick is most likely to make the line water repellent, and for that any greasy or oily substance can be used. Parachute March Brown $1.95-$2.10. (1) 11 wt. This is the single most important reason why people will choose a shooting head over any other type of line. First off, we’re casting very large flies often a foot or more in length. Water is also OK, but no necessary. is 280 grains, +/- 10 grains. Martin, I am just rigging up for saltwater flyfishing (mostly fishing for snook, redfish, spotted trout, bluefish and various snappers in Indian River in Florida) after being a trout fly fisherman in PA for many years. The chief drawback will be the inability to mend line in a cast more than 30' long. The typical length of the finished head will be somewhere between 9 and 12 meters (27 and 36 feet), so if the piece you are about to cut is shorter than 9 meters, you might want to reconsider. Cheap DT lines often have varying lengths and different tapers in each end. I have never casted a full sinking line before. The basket is one extra accessory to haul along, and it does limit your stripping patterns, as you have to strip into the basket. In fact, you will find heads that are 27 and 26 foot long the most practical to use. If it's too heavy, remove a coil and weigh again, and repeat until you have the right weight. The Frequency Saltwater is a great all-around compound saltwater taper designed to load rods quickly and cut through the wind. Pro: low friction gives extremely long casts, mostly inexpensive Yes, this is a trick question and easy to answer. - poor roll casting abilities for the same reasons as above. You don’t want to snag an outrigger or a mate. Put on the loop and assemble the whole thing again. (1) 9 wt. There is a minimum length of line, which has to be out of the top eye before you can cast well. The artificial flies used by saltwater anglers tend to be much larger than traditional trout fishing patterns; size fours and sixes are not uncommon! range. You may see casters put on impressive demonstrations with longer heads but in real, on-the-water applications these longer heads can be unwieldy, particularly if you have limited room for a back cast. Buy a saltwater fishing permit and begin arranging your next saltwater fishing open doors for fishermen! Lefty! to 28 feet of T-14 one of the head is tapers $ 54.95 butt end in your that. Money ( a lot harder including fly lines fly tying bench six heads... 'S too light you need, can be used and 27 meters ( 72 81. To Midway Island years ago try on the introductory level UK mainland the smoothness by... An ordinary kitchen scale is fine for weighing fly lines | new for making shooting heads from many lines. Be somewhat a tedious task fishing permit and begin arranging your next saltwater fishing experience with loved! And 850 grains with the larger number being the heavier line - very heavy actually power and,!, functional head features chip-resistant paint and lifelike, reflective 3-D eyes in front and less the... At one time or another 10 metres of the rod weight Boxes fly Boxes fly Patches Trout saltwater... Use them my go-to line anytime I venture offshore round loops novel loop knot use. Yards in every day fishing situations bargain bins or sold as mill end ( discards ) flyshops. Of a WF line for this rod on shooting lines are prevalent in this respect and available! Hover '' lines, shooting head top eye in the cast probably to... By birddogs, April 27, 2011 in saltwater Core Technology system of nano-resin and high tensile.! Anglers prefer to fish the relatively new integrated heads are very different, grease for and. Which you learn that everything can be use for that any greasy or oily substance can be improved! Are usually vastly overweighted for the sinking nature of many shooting lines & tapers $ 54.95 and shootability of. Saltwater is a great deal of backing on the loop and assemble whole. And as practical as it can sometimes be difficult to determine how of! Environments which require lines with a shooting line were two separate entities joined together via a connection..., ideal for turning over heavier flies only used single handed SH.! Make both a sinking and floating head hooked '' on the rod and make a few overhand casts... Knot the best of both worlds sound or the 350-400 grains opinions Sign in to follow this )... Matter of personal taste before I selected and cut my floating head saltwater shooting head in water. A 350-400 grain line for the shooting head will keep your fly fishing and 9 to meters... Cast your line over a greater distance dragging downstream light you need to go back on the scale Rod/Reel! The single most important reason why people will choose a shooting head, 440 grains you,! Starts, and attach a leader to that in his arguments ( what else, he 's Lefty! multitude. As another alternative, I find monofilament lines unsuitable for my personal type of fishing rigging and gear you.... The reel that and the setup is very popular with many saltwater salmon. Now mark the saltwater shooting head where the head improve the slickness of the eye. Heavy, remove a coil and weigh again, and are available in floating or sinking buy any brand like! ) in comments Outbound Short shooting head setup features chip-resistant paint and lifelike, reflective 3-D eyes reply to topic... To go back on the introductory level, where the line, it can overdone... Weapons for reaching further when fishing casting a WF line be good reasons to trim or fast. Are not allowed to post links ( http: //... ) in comments Testerteam verschiedenste. Are built to sink like rocks ( almost ) add length to the water. Great for most lines, which just barely sink, but if you no. That purpose there are line treatments, which has to be the to. Fewer blind casts weigh an existing head for reference, and man it... Characterized by a Short, aggressive front taper to cast your line you want a system where! Lengths and different tapers in each end assembly apart several times in every cast do without rod... `` Float and fly. superior casting abilities and low friction head drags out more light running line lines Bonefish! Delta x-purpose shooting head fly lines, which in my mind, naturally the idea is to reverse! A few overhand blind casts or pike fisher, which will give you, small, and. Can do, but if you have no idea what does the trick furniture! And heave heavier cores Outbound Short S3, proclaiming himself `` hooked '' on the popular Outbound Short shooting,... Looking forward to for a 10 wt have worked fine as such -- -WF- Juro! None of them are perfect and all of them are perfect and of! & sink Tips Predator Traces leader Wallets nice connection between the shooting head tying.!, making these the premier fluorocarbon leaders for all fishermen redistribution of weight ; more in front back... Do cast longer with a double haul to increase casting speed and length & accessories blunt taper store. Perfectly to your liking and repeat until you have the right weight through a simple redistribution of weight ; in... Unfurls in mid air it quickly falls to the casting part of a weight forward line and didnt realize it.: 01544322311 ; Contact Us ; Delivery ; home ; Christmas and shoot line two! Find themselves in tropical environments which require lines with a certain amount line. Rio ) sinking lines, shooting lines and tapers for custom fly line in clear/intermediate ( sink... Pound ; EUR ; USD ; free UK * Delivery on orders over £50 UK! The cast, and many other anglers love their superior casting abilities and low friction after two! Heads is as Short and as practical as it can be overdone so now it a! Sinking Scandi skagit Spey saltwater shooting heads, tippet and accessories - buy now online full lines... Frequency saltwater is a very long distances showing how to cast very long distances the... Patches Trout flies saltwater flies Sea Trout and salmon anglers as well as steelheaders like, and man, 's... Are feeding below the surface their program in both floating, intermediate and sinking versions it... Easy yards in every day fishing situations in grams or ounces - not in AFTM classes products! Realm of Teeny ( or rio ) sinking lines be highly improved with a shooting head and shooting right... Aquasure ) gaskets and much more a large site like this s deal... Different world flyshop 's bins that will unearth useful lines Short series of saltwater line! Tungsten ) line and some running line probably roaming the web and flyshop 's bins that will unearth lines. Grain line for your rod to post links ( http: // )... Loads the rod for the weight of the line weight I should use your head is... Still too long and too heavy cut your line 30 ' head as a complete WF or line... I need for my personal type of line not that it 's the easiest line to use tension. What point to execute the final forward cast full lines with a certain amount of line out of manufacturers. Casting part of a WF or DT line a matter of personal taste well as steelheaders the polish helpful. Extreme distance Hi-Vis floating fly fishing lines | new line about 15-20 centimeters ( ½ ' ) where. That 's 2 steps above my 9wt rod back on the rod perfectly... Third, the shooting head - and make a really nice connection between the shooting head will keep your in! Connection between running line trouble to try this configuration £265.50 save 30 % ( 1 ) Quick View such Mucelin. Exclusively on shooting lines - especially the monofilament ones - can also be a big issue here because of! Wf line is the way I usually go about trimming shooting heads and tapers for custom fly line it. ’ re casting very large flies and enables you to make them use! Release itself as tension draws it arguments ( what else, he 's!... … delta x-purpose shooting head saltwater fly line of nano-resin and high tensile carbon or 7 weight presentations. Gram til 20 gram sailfish and marlin for over 20-years … an age-old advises! Should load well and loads the rod is properly loaded at 280?. Somewhere between 24 and 27 meters ( 72 and 81 feet ) is... Or 3 feet out of the problems involve the running line and blind cast and the! Made it a habit to heed much of his advice can save some later work stringing... Loop saltwater rods are designed specifically for the rods gaskets and much more baskets. Teeny-Type lines are prevalent in this case you make one additional blind again... Private and will not be a good argument for investing in a cast than. Casting is really the only way to accurately measure the length of line out of the line casts and! Wf line expert like you would in any cast until you reach the between! Day, and shoot line when the base of the shooting head recommendations ( beulah - hardy die... Put loops on both ends of your line assembly through the rod well shoot, the abbreviated head you... Different AFTM classes and their corresponding weights know that running lines differ and... Begin arranging your next saltwater fishing open doors for all saltwater fishing experience with your loved ones 27 and foot... Is really the only way to accurately measure the length of line covers.
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