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Home / Online Used Equipment Store Online Used Equipment Store. The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) is the agency responsible for regulating Amateur Radio, and in accordance with international treaties, sets limits and standards for the operation of Amateur stations. The bulb casts about the same amount of light on all the walls, the ceiling, and the floor of the room. No single book, no one article will get you there. VIEW; Special Notices New Items; QRI - Quick Radio Index : Tecsun PL-990 LW/MW/SW/FM/MP3 Receiver Great performance and impressive features. £25.00 postage. Ham & Amateur Radio Transceivers. Other format: Paperback Bingfu VHF UHF Ham Radio Amateur Radio Mobile Radio Scanner Antenna Police Scanner Antenna Magnetic Base BNC … All you need is proper equipment which can be from a simple radio receiver to a complex expensive broadcast station. In radio clubs and in their homes, hams use different types of radios and antennas on all available radio frequencies to communicate with other HAM radio enthusiasts across the country and around the world. Yaesu FTdx10 Unboxing. Resources listed under Radio repair category belongs to Shopping and Services main collection, and get reviewed and rated by amateur radio … HamCity has more than 30 years of experience in the amateur radio equipment business! The Advanced class license privileges are significantly greater than those granted to the General class licensee, but not significantly less than those granted to an Extra class licensee. The brightness of the light on the target has been increased many times, by concentrating it where it is wanted, instead of squandering it in every direction. Please visit us today for all your ham radio needs! On top of that the BF-F8HP also includes exclusive concierge customer help and warranty support. A common example of a directional antenna is a TV antenna. Change any of these factors and the impedance likewise changes. Welcome to my eBay Shop. Great deals on Kenwood Other Ham Radio Equipment. 4.3 out of 5 stars 250. Each class of license allows certain increased privileges offering greater flexibility in the mode of operation and portion of the radio frequency spectrum you are allowed to use. Field Day is a group activity in which interested members of a club (or clubs) assemble a portable station that will operate in some remote area without making use of the public utilities for transport, communications or power. From our station accessories and antennas right down to the cable assemblies, clamps, and hardware that bring it all together, DX Engineering products are made with superior materials, expert engineering—and no compromises! Showing 1-10 of 6,202 items. Find the best brands - Icom, Kenwood, Yaesu, Alinco - for communicating worldwide. £21.00. TWO WAY RADIO SALES USED HAM RADIO EQUIPMENT VHF UHF ANTENNAS VHF UHF MOBILE ANTENNAS VHF UHF PORTABLE ANTENNAS VHF UHF SHF BASE ANTENNAS VINE ANTENNAS WHISTLER SCANNING RECEIVERS YAESU ACCESSORIES YAESU SYSTEM FUSION YAESU TRANSCEIVERS LAMCO Ham Radio Shop. In the past, an exam for any of the license classes above Novice had to be taken in front of an FCC examination team at a time and place convenient to the team. Amazon's Choice for "Ham Radio Equipment" RG58 Coaxial Cable 10m + Fitted PL259 Connectors for CB, Scanners & Ham Radio. That spot is even more brightly lit, and the rest of the wall is left dark, as is the rest of the room. 4.6 out of 5 stars 56. Where do prospective Ham  Radio Amateurs shop for ham gear? If you have limited storage space, you can drill out the rivets and remove the other hardware with screwdrivers and pliers, and store the individual elements in a long, skinny bundle. The tuner changes some of the factors so that antennas with characteristic impedances varying over a wide range may be used with any transceiver over widely differing frequencies. NEW Ed - Intermediate Licence Manual for Radio Amateurs - Ham Exam Book FREE P&P. It’s like buying a hammer when you really need a screwdriver. Easy to Use – You can use the Quick Mode button to turn on or off various functions. For new gear, you can go on Amazon or eBay since there are major suppliers of transceivers and accessories that can fulfill your needs. £4.20 postage. The worst happens. You should also read: Small Unit Tactics Recommended for Smart Preppers. All you need is proper equipment which can be from a simple radio receiver to a complex expensive broadcast station. You don’t need a hefty back-ground in electronics to become a Radio Amateur. Skip to main content.us. Ham radio antenna, transceivers, coax cable & other amateur radio gear. Universal Radio Inc. Amateur Radio Enthusiasts can be involved in this activity for many reasons. The antenna tuner is an indispensable accessory to the hf station, especially when the need can exist to use whatever piece of metal is available as an antenna. This is one of the best hf transceiver for the money ever made. Events at Universal Radio : QRP Corner Policies Print Ads … Contact us. It’s 8.8″ x 3″ x 9.9″ and weighs in at 9.7 pounds. Beautiful Color LCD Screen – All vital operating information is clearly visible in daylight conditions. However, t… HAM RADIO OUTLET EAGLE 599-DEL1 TEN-TEC Model 599AT EAGLE Transceiver, 100 WATTS, IF DSP with Tuner Date Posted By Category User IP; 2021-01-14 ***** VHF/UHF Radios ***** I no longer need this ICOM IC-2820H 144/440MHz D-Star 50W MOBILE RADIO.
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