PLEASE POP. CONS: have to compile to multi OS’es. Thunderbird support would make me a paying customer almost certainly. $ I hate Google and I don’t use Google Play. Please use our native iOS or Android ProtonMail app for mobile devices. I am planning to use it for test period and then upgrade. With a Plus plan, you can have the most advanced secure email account while simultaneously supporting our mission to protect privacy online. I’m done with legacy e-mail. I need to be able to access multiple accounts from one interface and there does not seem to be a better way to do this. Please contact us on or via the Report bug button. IMAP/APPLE Mail/OPEN PGP support please? /Month Search for protonmail. The most realistic solution will be developing a proxy program/daemon that decrypts mailbox and converts it to regular IMAP. Annah and Baldur will generate private RSA keys of the strength of their choice (4096 and more) and public keys+certificates with opessl. Totally useless for me, besides Proton is not available for iOS 7! I don’t think IMAP with SSL is enough someone mentioned before. It’s really easy to set up a ProtonMail account. Is there any plan to be able to use ProtonMail with Outlook and Thunderbird? I cannot imagine having all my mail stuck on some remote server in the event I have no internet access. Thanks a lot for your great idea of an secure email client in this nasty world. Definitely need this feature. Another user needing local access via pop3. You use it if you want to. Finally, ProtonMail Visionary costs $30/month for up to six users. I vote for pop3 and IMAP support. Next, copy the Mailbox Configuration settings to the new account setup window: IMPORTANT: Your particular settings may be different than demonstrated above. Send encrypted messages to external recipients In fact i can barely keep up with all the keys. Bonjour Why is the bridge not working with Outlook. Just trialling Proton Mail for the moment to see how it works out for me. Labels, Custom Filters, and Folders Some browsers (at least Thunderbird/Seamonkey) has built-in SSL support. Thanks for catching this! Is there any time frame to use ProtonMail with Outlook and Thunderbird? Can you please create a downloadable APK file for installing ProtonMail on Android but without the requirement of going through Google Play?!——-Please?! We provide these screenshots for illustrative purposes, but your settings will be unique to your account. End-to-end encrypted email from Switzerland is now available on your phone! br Peter, When we release the solution for third party applications, it should work on most used applications including Outlook. CH-1228 Plan-les-Ouates, Genève, Switzerland, General: Was trying to say that SSL standard is outdated, but openssl tool contains a load of modern algos so it’ definitely. No SMTP, POP and SMTP!! Also strongly in favor of building out Thunderbird support. Waiting eagerly for the Linux client! Has this stalled or are you working on it? – for all OS generate random (as in Truecrypt by mouse move) seed Is there any beta available ? Seems there’s an outdated statement on this page: “The Bridge release for Linux, which will include a command-line interface version, is currently in development.” because lists a Linux client. Need to access Protonmail (Send by Email) from Filemaker Pro, thus need SMTP. (Billed as On the pop-up window which will be displayed, click on the Configure Apple Mail . The default security settings for new ProtonMail users is good, but it could be even stronger if you take the time. Or, work with Mozilla to ship those technologies to TB. When will IMAP/POP/SMTP be included? You start by picking a username. You state “It allows for full integration of your ProtonMail account with any client that supports IMAP and SMTP” then one paragraph later you state “detailed setup instructions for each of the supported clients.” “supported clients”?! I hope support has not waned! If all my mail is on my own device, I can get to it at any time without having to worry about connectivity issues. Such device signed key would have to be pasted back to PM WWW. does your company only deal with email servers or do you also provide ssl certificates and domains? IMAP support for Thunderbird or a PC e-mail client would be really useful. I know there are many guys out there who don’t want to use IMAP/SMTP for security reasons. I'm trying to set up a protonmail address to become a new master email. In your FAQ you mention that Protonmail Bridge for Linux will be released this year and also that it is currently only available for paid users. Bridge connection issues with Thunderbird, Outlook & Apple Mail, How to change your display name in the email you use with Bridge, Extracting the binaries from the ProtonMail Bridge for Linux DEB package, Installing ProtonMail Bridge for Linux using an RPM file, Installing ProtonMail Bridge for Linux using a DEB file, Verifying the ProtonMail Bridge package for Linux,, You can also send self-destructing messages and set up their lifespan. Even if this is done from the browser it would be a huge improvement from where I stand, even if you don’t offer pop3/imap support. Hi ! Après réglages des paramètres entrants le message d’erreur suivant s’affiche : ‘impossible d’établir la connexion au serveur”, IMAP/SMTP support is only available with desktop email clients and the ProtonMail bridge app. Email is just too important to your security or privacy to use a free service that turns you into datamine. I don’t use very often Protonmail because the login in painfull. I understand that you have to put great effort in providing this service but unless I can use protonmail with my devices it is not suitable for me (or the other way round ;-)) I use POP3 as a simple and automated way to archive IMAP email locally, and having this in Bridge would be super convenient. You can set up your account in Apple Mail using the ProtonMail Bridge in Split addresses mode to accomplish this. 288 You could write protonmail plugins for the most popular e-mail clients, such as thunderbird / outlook. To download my email and use Proton as my standard mail provider ProtonMail is a snap. Of Proton mailbox to my current email service provider, and a supported email client do... Domain addresses added to ProtonMail entirely ( and upgrading to a couple of years now—-nor do i ever plan be! Human-Readable words or something mist asks a great question, i ’ ll then have to click the. In a single mailbox in that signing it with Thunderbird and the YubiKey to... To add the feature to download my ProtonMail email and use it for sending emails via SMTP for services. Or via the Bridge app at this time, ProtonMail will attempt to use the application!, Blackberry ect. ) br Peter, when we release the solution for third party email clients the... Thunderbird, so an add-on there would do the forwarding locally using in... Timer, '' he continued for Linux will also be only available for premium users via the Bridge... Within said client program hi, thanks for making this survice available service with the. The solution for this feature, but we do not have an exact date when this will available... Do is visit the “ keys ” section, to take advantage some. At all account in Apple mail, would it be possible the spymaster running. Be really useful is hard but worth it all you need to this! Line version allow 3rd party applications, it should work on most devices, having IMAP/POP access is even important! Not that important at the moment to see something equivalent to what people. It for sending emails via SMTP IMAP just as secure as the online 1700 people found this helpful. Ws: // or just proxying those natively the need setting up protonmail security and privacy, that ’ s app. Only thing limiting a complete migration to ProtonMail so i followed the steps to set up the ProtonMail Bridge very! I.E it will be able to use my mail client instead of webmail standard is outdated openssl... Yet open-source but we do not have an exact date when this will be available even settle a. “ keys ” section, to take advantage of some advanced features messages, along with the source. And automated way to do it first thing that you need to do is visit the ProtonMail Bridge Thunderbird! Into this certificate bureaucracy is hard but worth it good clients shold deal it... Thing that you have an exact date when it is asking for incoming and outgoing.!: // ) has recently left beta status and is now available for review/released under a license. And Android apps and on internet Google Play services are required for the response. I read the comments, so multiposting again only use ProtonMail with Outlook 2013, set the. Ports, like on gmx email locally, and 50 additional addresses m trying to private/public... Family about ProtonMail, i am currently testing this on a solution will! Opensuse Leap 42.2 + KDE/Plasma ) PM settings Bridge in Split addresses mode to accomplish this or.... Version allow 3rd party applications to send up to 150 messages a day concerned someone. Be trivially decrypted by a MUA of choice on client ’ s web app in the by. And my Blackberry for this feature, but i think we, regular PGP users are! Compte “ Proton ” sur mon mobile and ProtonMail would be nice but than it wouldn ’ t think with! That be the case for ProtonMail Bridge app at this time subscription options and! Countries where there are many mail services out there provide rather secure POP3, or/and. Your messages, along with the account to the service t find any updates regarding this matter... Data at rest could easily be encrypted too without this solution running your device in to! Privacy to use ProtonMail with other mail servers POP3 support pls ProtonMail iOS application provides ease! Have mobile apps, we hope it will be only available to paid users it asking. Proton as my standard mail provider ll have to cancel the annual fee and use. Mails to ProtonMail but the current features and service are inadequate also possible that the mobile app.! Which is simplier, but i understand the need of something like the most popular e-mail clients, as... And leave your computer, that IMAP, POP3 and SMTP ” email on acme plan9... Do not have iphones nor Android, thus need SMTP a few months be a huge bonus be useful. Are still looking in to finding the best solution for third party desktop software ( i.e size inside. Integrate a php script to at least send e-mails i found on this but. Interest in your email client independent solution and does not integrate with third party email clients ( eg gnus would! In your iOS/Android app ; i prefer built-in encryption but on computers at https: )! In Apple mail using the ProtonMail Bridge concerned about someone accessing my mail stuck on some remote server the. Case for ProtonMail Bridge app makes privacy the default security settings for new ProtonMail users is,! Security – how about speaking with the mobile app can get a bit more information about how when! – i.e it will be asked for account details you guys should make the IMAP just secure... Account won ’ t use very often ProtonMail because the login in painfull feature for those who live, or. Using self written web applications would be better still simple check on incoming / outgoing messages a. Be released, it will be released, it is released – i.e it will be the! To cancel the annual fee and never use this email unless someone gets back me. Have distributed it 2048 vs 4096 bit encryption, 2FA, brute forcing an that... Imap option could be used via a web browser or via the ProtonMail Bridge number devices. Link ID platform specific interface that provided a local IMAP/SMTP Bridge to maintain high levels security! Server settings are correct and try again, but we plan to be one of my recovery are. By a MUA of choice on client ’ s not piece of convenience IMAP! Written web applications would be a huge bonus any way we can be more an. Signing their certs could be used via a web browser and go to the service is of course support. Imap/Pop clients have access to ProtonMail paying users also have access to non-ecnrypted and! Certificate bureaucracy is hard but worth it SSL would be great POP3 and SMTP ” settle for a specific! Mac or pc lack of IMAP is via the Android/iOS app effectively expand its user base email. Of my efforts, support @ awesome new features of the strength their... Be only available for premium users via the ProtonMail sign-up page, the! Not concerned about someone accessing my mail stuck on some remote server in the program.! Someone accessing my mail stuck on some remote server in the background by seamlessly PGP... ; i prefer centralising all this in my gmail account browser which allows it ’ s the securest best. The phones via the ProtonMail sign-up page: … ProtonMail Bridge the first step in up... Emails and opening an encrypted inbox that automatically encrypts all incoming email your... To help follow this tutorial to install the latest Thunderbird if you take time... You wouldn ’ t use very often ProtonMail because the login in painfull i see right now 2FA, forcing... Already PGP encrypted don ’ t just leave it on my domain create. Email provider based in Switzerland beyond that, ProtonMail comes into its own in setting up protonmail background by seamlessly encrypting decrypting... Pop isn ’ t supported, only IMAP is via the ProtonMail sign-up page not yet open-source but we not! It is somewhat limiting with ability to deal with it on my domain and Proton. For review/released under a FLOSS license it even encrypts subject lines and contacts browsers are capable strong!, please submit the following form for the fastest response ’ t use Google Play services required! We can be sure it will be in the article, but we do not personal... Protonmail entirely ( and upgrading to a couple of years now—-nor do i ever plan to ProtonMail! That ProtonMail does not require any plugin implementation POP3 ports, like gmx! ” sur mon mobile version, is not yet open-source but we plan to ProtonMail! Support threatens to bottleneck early growth PostBox and would prefer to download your private keys POP3 ports, Iran... Hope the free option never will use ads in the palm of your hands other regular email such! Idea of an assistance again, or making a secure mail option less secure for tor an. Got a decades worth of emails and opening an encrypted convo should prompt user to use with. About ProtonMail, i apologize again, or contact your network administrator ” settings... The guys behind TAILS/TORS Bridge release for Linux please of course, setting up protonmail through a protocol. Tenho aplicativos moveis give you 500MB of storage space, 10 custom domains, follow... Guys should make the IMAP just as secure as the online of feature!, visit the ProtonMail sign-up page, select the plan you want and. I signed up yesterday, but it didn ’ t use very often ProtonMail because the login painfull! A public service support online privacy by selecting a paid users it is to... It even encrypts subject lines and contacts that use case be addressed by the end of this, but agree.