Comprise vs. Compose. For Grammar Girl, Bonnie Trenga explains how to use comprise properly. Comprise vs. Compose. Still, there are plenty of people out there who don’t accept it yet. If we hold comprise strictly to the definition of to include or to consist of, then comprised of sounds awkward: The pie is included of 8 pieces sounds nonsensical, and, by that rule, so too does The pie is comprised of 8 pieces. The word comprise means "contain" or "consist of." Whether your writing is limited to school assignments, you have a job that requires writing or you engage in creative writing as a hobby or profession, the more you learn about how to choose the correct words, the better your writing will be. Incorrect: The rock is comprised of three minerals. Word Choice: Comprise vs. Compose. The similar-sounding word compose means "make up" as in Many ethnic groups compose our nation. But it’s not hard to find a verb that works better than comprise in this case. The word “comprise” has fewer applications than “compose”. Correct: The rock comprises three minerals. AS terdiri dari 50 negara bagian (ditambah wilayah & lainnya). Comprise (verb) To compose, to constitute. The parts compose the whole.. The argument against this phrase is rooted in the definitions outlined above. It also means to write or create. Their slippery meanings and similar sounds have likely contributed to the rise of comprised of. Comprise (verb) To compose, to constitute. ... comprise vs is comprised of comprise, compose, or are comprised of comprise, semicolons comprise/contain/has comprising or comprise Consist of /comprise/be comprised of consist of/comprise My ideal garden (comprises / composes) leafy greens, tomatoes, cucumbers, and okra. You could say that the parts constitute the whole and the whole comprises the parts. Now that you know the definition of the word comprise, the next step is to make sure you’re clear on how to use it properly. ("Open-ended", doesn't limit to the items listed; cf. 'Comprise' and 'compose' sound similar and are both verbs or action words, but have different meanings. Select the correct word for each of the following statements. Data management comprises many more specialized areas of study. To compose is to make up, in the sense that twelve eggs make up a dozen. It's more formal that consist. At this rate, it won’t be long before even pedants give up on the difference between “comprise” and “compose.” After all, “comprise” is frequently misused, particularly by people writing “comprised of” when they mean “composed of.”. Think about parts versus the whole When you use comprise, you put the whole first. The phrase “make up,” which is a definition of compose, could be substituted for the word compose in the sentence. comprise - WordReference English dictionary, questions, discussion and forums. It's more formal that consist. ‘Comprise’ is a term so commonly misused that even dedicated pedants have pretty much given up on correcting people these days. One was composed of three rotaxanes whose rings were connected to form a larger platform that could rise 0.7 billionths of a meter: a molecular elevator. In other words, the hotel has or contains 150 rooms for guests. Comprise (verb) To include, contain, or be made up of, defining the minimum elements, whether essential or inessential, to define an invention. Comprise is a verb that means "to contain." The sense "compose, constitute" — as in "the members comprise the team" — is sometimes considered incorrect. But, increasingly, the usage panels of major dictionaries are accepting the use of comprise for compose, especially in the passive voice. Mention the parts first, then … Comprise or Compose?. Did You Know? Example: The circle comprises … The United States of America comprises fifty states. Compose of is only used in the passive voice: Muscle is … If you are using the word comprise, the whole must come first. Both these terms deal with the concept of the whole versus the parts of something. A computer is comprised of a motherboard, a processor, and some memory sticks. Synonyms They turn the meaning of "comprise" inside-out by improperly using the passive voice, thus: "A deck is comprised of 52 cards." Compose versus Comprise Let’s compare these words side by side to see how they really work, using an example we’re all familiar with. It’s common for speakers to say that a basketball team “is comprised of five players” instead of “is composed of five players.”. Semua bagian bersama-sama menyusun keseluruhan. Or: Fifty states make up the USA. The verb compose is a good candidate because it tells us that the parts join to create a whole. (correct). Word Choice: Comprise vs. Compose. It would be incorrect if you said "Ten cows, three horses, five sheep, and four pigs comprise the farm."

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